About Eric Menard

Kyoshi Eric Menard has Over 25 Years of Experience in the Martial Arts

Kyoshi Eric Menard 50 BJJ matches Nashua NH

Kyoshi after successfully completing his 50 BJJ matches for the Nashua Soup Kitchen Fundraiser.

Kyoshi Eric Menard is the owner and chief instructor of Eric Menard’s Complete Martial Arts Academy in South Nashua, NH. Kyoshi Eric has been studying the martial arts for over 25 years and has chosen it as a way of life. Besides competing nationally and internationally, he has also had the opportunity to train with several nationally recognized figures in the martial arts including Steve “Mad Dawg” Curran, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Dan McFarland and Arlene Limas. In March of 2008 Kyoshi Eric was inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame as the “Master Instructor of the Year.” He continues to expand his knowledge in the martial arts in order to give his students the tools they need to be their best.