Fitness Kickboxing

Have Fun and a Great Workout With Fitness KickboxingBoxing training woman punching bag in gym

Without a doubt, Fitness Kickboxing is the hottest physical fitness trend in America today! Our instructors create an upbeat and friendly environment. We strive to help each student improve their physical fitness, grow mentally stronger, and learn some fundamentals of self defense. When you start a class, you immediately realize you don’t have to be young and in good shape to begin. We take it step by step and guide you into pacing yourself correctly.

Kickboxing is a Great Exercise to Improve Fitness

Getting physically fit is important to every person, not only for good general health but also to feel better about oneself. Our Kickboxing students not only tone but they also increase their coordination, strength and endurance. We use many specific exercises to bring out the most in our students while allowing them to grow into the class. We’ll help you develop coordination in your hands and legs to strike with power. Hitting our large water and punching bags and pads is not only fun, but it also develops muscles correctly for self-defense.

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