Martial Arts for Children

In our martial arts programs for children we strive to instill self-discipline, confidence, focus, self-defense abilities and total fitness in our students. Our programs have been designed to help every student stay motivated and feel good about themselves and their progress.

Emphasis on Courtesy and Respect

The emphasis of our children’s program is on establishing a foundation of courtesy, self-respect and self-discipline in your child from the moment they begin their martial arts training. This foundation begins to take shape as your child learns to do something as simple as bowing to their instructors and their fellow students as a sign of courtesy and respect.

Confidence and Character

The program will build confidence and character by providing children with a sense of control over their body and their actions. The many movements of martial arts also help children to develop their coordination, strength, endurance and flexibility, which is very important during their growing years.

Pride and Achievement

child achieving new karate belt nashua nh pepperell maYour child will have many opportunities to test the limits of their mental and physical capabilities as they test for the higher levels of the martial arts belt ranks. The awarding of these belts give children a sense of pride and achievement. Training for these tests, and passing them, enhances your child’s ability to focus, concentrate, set goals, plan for and triumph over the many learning hurdles they will encounter as they grow older.


Martial arts instruction may also involve free style sparring (sport karate). This helps to develop a child’s sense of fair play and good sportsmanship in a controlled competitive environment.


The foundation of martial arts is the ability to protect and defend oneself. We are very careful to teach children that the martial arts are not used outside the classes in any manner other than true self defense. The result of their training is a confident and self-disciplined child who does not need to bully or show off to other children.


Finally, martial arts are good clean fun for kids and a great way to burn off their extra energy. We believe strongly in the value of our programs for all ages, but especially for the young, who can benefit from the martial arts for the rest of their lives.

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