Martial Arts for Teens

Our martial arts for teens program aims to develop coordination, strength, and increased flexibility in a positive atmosphere.

Martial arts help teens to reduce stress, build confidence, set goals, make friends and get in great shape. In addition, it will help teens develop the ability to stand up to the constant negative peer pressure and other intimidating situations they will no doubt encounter as they grow older and prepare for high school and beyond.

The martial arts are a self-paced activity whereby teens work with their fellow students and our dedicated staff in a supportive and mentoring environment. Some of the best friends our students will ever make might be from their own karate class.

As with our children’s program, the foundation of martial arts is its self-defense value. We are very careful to teach students that the martial arts is not to be used outside the karate class in any manner other than in true self-defense. The goal of martial arts for teens training is to be a confident and self-respecting young person who sticks with the positive values they have learned at home and at Eric Menard’s CMA.

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