“Confident, Strong, and Compassionate”

My family made a commitment years ago to raise our son with an education in Martial Arts. We were lucky enough or blessed enough to find Kyoshi Eric Menard and Complete Martial Arts. Liam has become a confident, strong and compassionate kid who would stick up for himself or anyone who needed someone to stick up for them. He has also learned to harness his energy in a positive way (and trust me Liam has more energy than humanly possible). Thank you Kyoshi for instilling and reinforcing these qualities! Physically CMA has trained Liam to Excel in many other sports and activities. Thank you Kyoshi and his dedicated staff. Liam is only 11 years old and he just received his brown belt after a lot of hard work and a dedicated Dojo! CMA has been as important as Liam’s academic education for my family and we are grateful that we stepped into Kyoshi Eric’s Dojo years ago when Liam was most impressionable. Maybe if all children learned Shaolin Kempo Karate from an experienced Kyoshi, I think the world would be a better place. – Kelsey Odriscoll