“The Benefits Exceeded Our Expectations”

We started our son at CMA Academy when he was only four years old. Karate has become an integral part of our lives and we’ve made many new friends through the years. While teaching the students the fundamentals of self-defense, the studio emphasizes the importance of developing inner strength and reinforces many of the life lessons we have discussed at home. CMA Academy has definitely improved our son’s confidence, focus, and self-control. Karate has taught him respect for others and helped him to value achievement through perseverance. Our son is now ten years old and he recently became a black belt. The black belt training forced him to push himself harder than ever before, and provided him a goal that he came to believe was worth all of his hard work, time, and effort. We’re very glad we chose to make this journey with Shihan and the staff at CMA Academy in South Nashua, as the benefits have exceeded our expectations! – Brandon and Debbie Lennon