“You Guys are the Best”

My 5 year old son Mohit joined CMA Academy few months ago (Nov/09). He used to be shy and reserved but since he joined CMA Academy my son’s confidence and his personality is gradually changing. He is confident and assertive. Thanks to Shihan Eric and his able team (Ms. Christine, Tashi Dan, Sensei Dishan). Shihan Eric has a way to deal with Kids. He is firm but very kind as well. I like the way he deals with young Kids. My son loves coming to his Karate class. Thank you Shihan Eric and the entire CMA Academy staff. You guys are the best. -The Bists

“More Focused in School”

Our family has been very happy with Shihan Eric Menard’s CMA Academy in South Nashua and highly recommend it to anyone who shows an interest in the Martial Arts. When my husband and I spoke about sending our young daughter for Martial Arts training, Shihan Eric Menard, with whom my husband trained in years prior, immediately came to mind. He knew of Shihan Eric’s dedication to the spirit of the art and how well he works with children. We knew he and his staff would give our daughter the right foundation to meet the challenges of life. Our daughter is more focused in school and more self-confident because of her Karate classes. And I, myself, feel stronger and more energetic because of the terrific Kickboxing classes. The whole staff has been so wonderful and supportive, you really couldn’t find a better group of people or a better martial arts school! -The Laramies

“A Role Model”

When my son was young, Martial Arts taught him the discipline and focus he needed to succeed, not only in Martial Arts, but also in school. As he has grown older, his self-confidence has grown as he has become a role model for younger kids. Martial Arts have taught him important life lessons in his relationships with both peers and adults. We could not be happier! -Mrs. B.

“Great for our Whole Family”

CMA Academy has been great for our whole family. The youth karate program is helping our young children develop physically and grow in confidence while they learn self-defence in a fun atmosphere. The adult programs are also excellent, both my wife and I take karate and kick-boxing. But CMA Academy is not just a place to learn martial arts. The extra programs and events, from holiday parties to group outings and special seminars have made us feel like part of a big extended family with lots of opportunities for self-improvement. It is a place where our whole family has been able to focus on health and wellness in a positive atmosphere.
PS. My son wants to add that flying side kicks are fun and his instructors are great. -The Masons

“What a Difference!”

We signed our daughter up for Martial Arts training after she was bullied in school. She has not only learned to take care of herself, but, more importantly, she has learned the self-respect and positive confidence that come with Martial Arts training, whether she is dealing with peers, is on a date, or is helping out with classes. Before, she was afraid. Now, she believes in herself. What a difference! -Mrs. D

“The Benefits Exceeded Our Expectations”

We started our son at CMA Academy when he was only four years old. Karate has become an integral part of our lives and we’ve made many new friends through the years. While teaching the students the fundamentals of self-defense, the studio emphasizes the importance of developing inner strength and reinforces many of the life lessons we have discussed at home. CMA Academy has definitely improved our son’s confidence, focus, and self-control. Karate has taught him respect for others and helped him to value achievement through perseverance. Our son is now ten years old and he recently became a black belt. The black belt training forced him to push himself harder than ever before, and provided him a goal that he came to believe was worth all of his hard work, time, and effort. We’re very glad we chose to make this journey with Shihan and the staff at CMA Academy in South Nashua, as the benefits have exceeded our expectations! – Brandon and Debbie Lennon